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Over 50 years in the third generation, state-of-the-art dentistry and oral surgery with in-house dental laboratory

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We ask for your understanding that there are no regular consultation hours during anesthesia days.

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Surgical tooth preservation, such as root tip resection, removal of wisdom teeth and cysts, orthodontic exposure, maxillary sinus surgery and connective tissue transplants. Aesthetic periodontal surgery, preprosthetic surgery, minimally invasive piezo surgery, gummy smile, traumatology, tumor surgery and salivary gland surgery.


Preparatory measure in case of insufficiently strong jawbone. Bone augmentation and tissue improvement through transplantation of autologous bone or substitute materials and sinus lift.


The insertion of implants as single-tooth implants, care for the loss of several teeth for prosthesis attachment, All on 4: for complete toothlessness, for fixed bridges and other dentures – the care in just one day! The insertion of dental implants in the jawbone is one of our specialties. In addition to the classic implants, our oral surgery also offers Zygoma implants (cheekbone implants). With this system, implantation is possible even with minimal bone thickness of the maxillary bone and no previous bone augmentation or bone transplant measures are required. We consult our patients comprehensively and offer single-tooth implants, complex implant treatments for the loss of several teeth or edentulism, as well as the insertion of implants to attach dentures.


In addition to specializing in complex dental treatments, the topic of aesthetics plays a more than decisive role. Of course, we make sure that teeth are not only preserved, but that the overall impression and function are the focus.


Conservative dentistry – prevention, diagnostics and therapy. Tooth preservation through the prevention of caries, periodontal disease and chewing disorders.


The focus of endodontic therapy is the treatment of the root canal (preserving the tooth)

PERIODONTOLOGY: Healthy gums are the basis for tooth preservation. Many factors, such as grinding your teeth or incorrect brushing techniques, can lead to inflammation and in the long term promote tooth loss. Inflammation of the gums often goes unnoticed for a long time until gum bleeding or pain occurs. This gives the impression that the teeth are getting

PROSTHETICS: Our focus is the provision of high-quality dentures, which are individually and precisely manufactured in our in-house dental laboratory. Prosthetics are as individual as the patients themselves. These include immediate restorations (dentures in one day), restorations for edentulous jaws in a short time with an aesthetically high-quality and fixed denture, but also bite corrections, veneers, inlays and onlays, bridges, telescopic work and more

CHILDREN’S DENTISTRY: from the first milk tooth to adulthood. We accompany parents and children and make visiting the dentist fearless and stress-free for families

TOOTHBRUSHING SCHOOL: Dental care must be learned too! The “IP program” between the ages of 6 and 17 is particularly suitable for children at risk of caries. Here the children learn everything about proper care, cleaning techniques and oral hygiene

PROPHYLAXE: special prophylaxis for dental implants, gum problems, to prevent periodontal disease, deep cleaning and tooth whitening. Regular prophylaxis in the form of professional tooth cleaning is therefore an important supplement on the way to long-lasting beautiful teeth and healthy gums

TEETH WHITENING: Bleaching/lightening of the natural tooth color

DENTAL SPLINTS for bruxism (teeth grinding), clenching, tension, tinnitus, back pain and headaches as well as jaw joint problems

SNORING/dental sleep medicine: With increasing age, almost every second (male and female) adult is affected. The noise level at night is often in no way inferior to that of a jackhammer – this problem is particularly confirmed by the bed neighbor. The reason for snoring is the slackening throat muscles during sleep. Snorers feel tired and exhausted and have not slept well, even after an 8-hour night on comfortable pillows. In the long run, your physical health suffers.
We advise you on your way to a snore-free and restful sleep! Make an appointment for a consultation

ANXIETY: In our practice, anxious patients do not have to justify themselves. No matter what causes the fear, we help our patients and ensure absolutely pain-free and fear-free visits to the dentist. Talk to us.

COMPREHENSIVE CONSULTANCY: We consult our patients individually and holistically. Aesthetics, function and expectations are most important for us.

TREATMENT UNDER GENERAL ANESTHESIA: Many treatments and operations are possible on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia. For anxious patients and children in particular, this means a stress-free and fear-free situation. Experienced anesthesiologists ensure a safe course and a quick recovery phase, without subsequent nausea.

DENTAL LABORATORY: Of course, our practice also includes a fully equipped dental laboratory. All restorations for our patients are manufactured in our in-house laboratory. Right from the start, we involve our dental technicians in the planning and implementation, who accompany our patients in the consultation and planning.

DVT: Digital volume tomography (DVT) is a three-dimensional, imaging tomography method using X-rays, which is used primarily in ear, nose and throat medicine, oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery and dentistry. Patients from other practices are also referred to us for DVT images.

OPG: Dentists and oral surgeons use these OPG X-ray images (panoramic images) to diagnose dental problems and to plan treatment, especially for dental implants, prosthetic and orthodontic work.

FINANCING: In times of rising prices and costs, financing treatment costs can cause difficulties for patients. We work together with our reliable partner “Care Capital Management” so that our patients can take advantage of the best possible medical service. This cooperation allows various financing options. (Only for patients resident in Germany)

ON TIME APPOINTMENTS: In our practice, patients with appointments do not have to wait! The agreed appointments are carried out WITHOUT waiting time.

If you would like an appointment reminder via SMS or email, please let us know when you make the appointment.

We offer our new patients the opportunity to fill out the anamnesis form (questions about health) before the agreed appointment. Please follow this link: anamnesis and hand us the completed form at the appointment, then check in will be even faster.

For patients that have long distance travel, we are happy to book a hotel room and, if desired, take care of the transfer to Nidderau and back.

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